Frequently Asked Questions

CCTV Logbook is an invaluable online tool so you can see all and know all about your CCTV system. If you want to know more check out our FAQs below. If there are questions you have that are not covered here please contact us.

How do I sign up for an account?

You can signup directly for CCTV Logbook here but we recommend booking a free product tour to get the most out of your trial.

How does CCTV Logbook help me manage my CCTV system?

A modern IP CCTV system is more than just the cameras and the video recorder you need to ensure that you have an effective IT system and proper power management. The portal will prompt you to consider back-up power systems and switches are maintained. Being able to view the list of cameras along with details of the PoE switch, switch port connections and other assets, such as UPS devices, along with their maintenance logs, dates when firmware updates, or when cables were changed is invaluable.

What is included in the Basic Package?

The Basic Package is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and other organisations based on a single site. You can sign up for £10/month or £100/year and this will allow two users to access the portal and for you to add in 25 cameras and other assets which makes it an ideal starter package.

What is included in the Standard Package

If your business or organisation has up to three offices or branches then our Standard Package will be perfect for you. You can have five users and add in up to 75 assets for £20/month or £200/year. If you need to add in extra assets it costs just £5/month or £50/year for a further 25 and £9/month or £90/year for 50 more assets.

What is included in the Enterprise Package?

Initially the Enterprise Package, which costs £30/month or £300/year, allows you to record up to 250 assets for five sites. However, 10 extra sites can be added at an additional cost of £50/month or £500/year while 50 extra sites would cost £225/month or £2,250/year.

How many cameras can I put into CCTV Logbook?

The number of cameras that you can connect is only limited by the number of assets that are available in your package.

If I use all my allocated assets can I add more to a package?

Yes you can, there is an option to buy additional assets in the upgrade screen.

Can I have more than one user on one package?

Each package has a different amount of users, starting with the basic package with two users.

How many sites can I have on one package?

Basic includes 1 site. Standard includes up to 3 sites. Enterprise includes up to 5 sites.

Can I have sites on a package with different locations?

Yes you can, it is completely up to you how you organise and name your sites when you are inputting all of your assets.

How will signing up for CCTV Logbook Compliance help me?

CCTV System Compliance helps you stay GDPR compliant by providing best practice advisories in line with the 12 guiding principles of the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.

How much does signing up for CCTV Logbook Compliance cost?

You can sign up to the compliance management module for an extra £10 per month per site or a single reduced annual subscription payment of £100 per site.

Why was CCTV Logbook developed?

This portal has emerged out of many years of experience of installing and maintaining CCTV systems. We have visited numerous sites and are usually disappointed by the lack of available paperwork; work log data and a basic understanding of how the existing systems are configured. CCTV Logbook is the result of our experience and feedback within the security industry and the requirement for a simple solution to be able to bring all of the relevant information into one central, secure place.

Why did you develop the compliance package?

We were aware that owners of CCTV Systems are often falling foul with respect to data protection compliance. Default user names and passwords are often being used to access CCTV systems, there are non-existent privacy impact assessments and out-of-date signage on many sites. By developing the compliance package, which follows the 12 Guiding Principle of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Code of Practice we knew then that CCTV Logbook users would be able to follow best practice and meet data protection obligations.

I am a head of security, how will CCTV Logbook help me?

If you’re on the front line of your company’s security then you need a CCTV system that works all day every day. If something does go wrong you need to be able to trouble-shoot quickly and efficiently. That means having all the information on your system in one place and being able to assess it quickly to make a decision about whether you need to call out somebody to fix the problem. If you do need to call in a CCTV company being able to provide them with all the facts they need will make everyone’s lives easier.

I am a CCTV reseller/installer can I supply CCTV Logbook to my clients?

Yes, CCTV Logbook has been designed as a tool both for CCTV end users and those who maybe maintaining, installing and supplying CCTV to others. We understand that this can be an efficient tool for CCTV companies when they work at different sites as the information they need to carry out their work will literally be at their fingertips. If you are a CCTV installer or reseller contact us to find out how you provide the portal to your clients.