CCTV: Save time and get everything at your fingertips

How many hours have you spent trouble shooting on your CCTV System?  Not knowing anything about the system set up can make this time consuming, taking a quick 5-minute job to a full day sometimes.  It can be very frustrating and, in some cases, simple maintenance jobs can be left because its just simply too much trouble to try and sort out.

If something goes wrong with your CCTV cameras or other parts of your system do you find yourself wondering where you stored the paper or electronic files or manuals from when it was installed? Would you waste time bringing papers and electronic files together to check how the cameras work or when it was last worked on?

Do you rely on a particular member of staff to know about how to access the system or to keep it maintained and is time wasted if you need to access it when they are not available?

There is now a time-saving solution available which will mean that all the information about the CCTV system can be at your fingertips and can be available to all users that might need it. This is the secure portal, CCTV Logbook, which you can find out more about in our latest video.

Having CCTV Logbook will mean that staff administering your CCTV system will be able to access the information they need quickly if there are problems if they need to answer questions from engineers. It also means that work by internal or external engineers will be completed more efficiently.

CCTV Logbook saves you time because all the information related to your CCTV will be in one place. This allows you to trouble-shoot more quickly and communicate smoothly with those that need to carry out maintenance and you will not be wasting time searching for files or manuals.

If you take out our compliance package data controllers or those responsible for compliance issues will also save time ensuring your CCTV compliance obligations are met. This is because all the information they need to show your organisation is complying with their CCTV obligations can also be at their fingertips and in a format that can be quickly and easily understood.

Queries from the public or staff about camera positions or privacy concerns can also be answered quickly because you will have the policies and contact details in place and loaded onto the system.

Saving time also means saving money as you can more easily focus on your key business functions. With the offer of a free product tour, free trial and free data uploads this may be one product you cannot afford to miss. Contact us to find out more.