Are you a CCTV reseller? CCTV Logbook can help you

If you are a CCTV reseller, or you install and maintain CCTV, you may meet potential customers who have very little knowledge of the CCTV system they currently have and you may need to work with them to ensure they are meeting their compliance obligations. Your own customers, that you may support, might also not have thorough enough processes for ensuring that the maintenance of their CCTV system is easy for you.

This is when CCTV Logbook could help, giving you a way to support your customers more efficiently, as well as providing them with easy access to information about their CCTV system, which will help them manage it better. The additional compliance package CCTV Logbook also gives you and the customer the peace of mind that important obligations around data security and people’s privacy are being followed.

Up to now you may have visited various sites and been disappointed by the lack of available paperwork; work log data and also basic understanding of how existing systems are put together. Within the portal all the assets are listed and linked to other assets giving your clients greater understanding of how the CCTV functions. Work logs and associated documents are also held within the portal giving you, and the customer, easily accessible information about the work you have completed.

If you are interested in finding out more about CCTV Logbook you can book a 30 minute online guided tour of the portal. During this time all the features will be shown to you and 10 assets from your own or one of your client’s sites can be added. Going forward we are currently able to import more assets for free to help you get started and so you can show the benefits of the system to your customers.

We believe that CCTV Logbook could be a vital tool for CCTV resellers and installers providing them with all the information they need to carry out their work literally at their fingertips. If you are a CCTV installer or reseller go to now and contact us to find out how you provide the portal to your clients.