How to add a network

For adding a network, once you have logged in you can click on the network tab and then click on add new asset.

Here you will find the table to populate with the network details. These include the name you are giving the network, its location and other details such as the manufacturer. If you do not know all the details then you can put in TBC and add that information in later.

In the asset connections table, you can choose a master network and/or a UPS that you have connected to the network once you have them recorded in the CCTV Logbook. You can then select the review frequency – weekly, monthly or quarterly – before saving the network. It will then appear in the asset table.

The process of adding a network should take very little time and once you have added it you will be underway with managing your CCTV system better. CCTV Logbook offers a central portal that means in large organisations, where more than one person may need CCTV system information, you can have multiple users all working with accurate and consistent data.

Don’t forget CCTV Logbook also provides organisations with the tools to meet the data compliance standards. The extra CCTV System Compliance feature of CCTV logbook takes you through a series of steps to help you become compliant in respect of data protection and privacy in relation to CCTV.

Sign up for your free trial of CCTV Logbook now and you will be soon be seeing all and knowing all about your CCTV system.