Head of Security? Is your CCTV system a headache?

As Head of Security on a large commercial site or perhaps across a number of sites, you are probably the person expected to understand and maintain the CCTV system. You are certainly the person who will want the images if there are security breaches, or incidents of criminal behaviour such as vandalism or theft.

You therefore need to be aware that your CCTV cameras and the attached IT assets that make your CCTV system work are being properly maintained and want to be assured that keeping them maintained and repaired when necessary is an easy process. CCTV Logbook will provide you with that assurance by providing all the CCTV system information in one place in a secure portal.

Ensuring CCTV assets are properly managed

If you suffer from high staff turnover, making managing your security systems a challenge, then the CCTV logbook will ensure that your CCTV system assets are managed properly whoever is in charge of the system or administering it.

As head of security, it makes sense for you to take responsibility for administering the CCTV logbook. It may mean working with your IT or estates management staff to ensure you have all the information to upload but over the long-term it will provide efficiency and peace of mind for all your departments.

CCTV logbook will ensure that for each camera, and other devices such as sensors, you will be able to see their location on your site, details such as the manufacturer, model and serial number and their date of installation and when the appliance will need to be reviewed.

Easy process to add information

There is an easy process to add new CCTV cameras in and ensures you are aware of the other devices and IT infrastructure you will have the cameras attached to in order to ensure the smooth running of the CCTV system. Sign up to CCTV Logbook now for a free trial and start managing your CCTV system more efficiently.