Data Officers/Controllers: How compliant is your CCTV system?

Ensuring you meet best practice requirements

The easy-to-use portal provides the ability to download your compliance certification and takes you through a step by step tick box process so you can ensure you are meeting the requirements of the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.

This ensures that you have a clear statement of purpose for your CCTV system and has a review date set up so that any changes to this are clearly recorded and ensures that you are reviewing the system annually. It also ensures that you have conducted a privacy impact assessment which is published and subject to an annual review.

The CCTV logbook website will have updated news and blogs that ensure that you are kept up to date with the compliance and best practice recommendations and requirements both from the Surveillance Camera Commissioner and the Information Commissioner.

Keeping you on top of compliance

With a continual focus on the privacy and data collection impacts of surveillance as new technology is developed this will be an invaluable source of content for you to ensure that your CCTV system always stays compliant. The National Surveillance Camera Strategy for England and Wales, led by the Camera Commissioner Tony Porter, is a living document with work continually taking place that may impact your business and the blogs will aim to keep you in touch with any changes.

Managing your CCTV system’s compliance through CCTV Logbook will help you meet your legal and GDPR obligations so why not sign up for a Free Trialtoday.