CCTV Logbook: Giving you peace of mind

We have been completing training sessions with CCTV Logbook customers and they are really excited about the additional compliance tool we offer and have already seen the benefits of the step by step tick box process the portal provides to ensure you are meeting the requirements of the 12 Guiding Principles of the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice (SC Code).

Once you have completed all the sections of the compliance portal you can download a compliance certification giving you peace of mind that you are meeting best practice. The SC Code is only binding on “relevant authorities”, such as the police and local authorities. However, under the National Surveillance Camera Strategy launched in 2017 by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, voluntary adoption has been encouraged.

Many private sector bodies have now voluntarily demonstrated their commitment to public and customer confidence by following the high standards set by the code where they are under no legal compulsion to do so. Once you have achieved CCTV Logbook certification you could also apply to receive the SCC’s certification mark. This can add extra confidence to your customers and visitors to your organisation.

Compliance with the SC Code should also ensure you are meeting the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018), which incorporated the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is legally enforceable by the Information Commissioner.

The CCTV Logbook process ensures that you have a clear statement of purpose for your CCTV system and has a review date set up so that any changes to this are clearly recorded and ensures that you are reviewing the system annually. It also ensures that you have conducted a privacy impact assessment which is published and subject to an annual review.

Under the law you must carry out a data protection impact assessment on the impact to people’s privacy before you install your CCTV system. If you determine that CCTV will not be overly intrusive, you should then put a policy in place describing how you will use it. Companies should then regularly review whether CCTV is still the best security solution and this will be covered by the annual review prompted by CCTV Logbook.

Other aspects of the SC Code that you need to follow include the display of proper signage providing information that CCTV is in use and giving contact details for those with concerns; clear responsibility and accountability for all surveillance camera system activities and clearly defined rules on who can gain access to images and CCTV footage as well as for what purpose such access is granted.

The compliance package can be added to your CCTV Logbook management account by paying just £10 a month or a single annual payment of £100. If you are on the Standard or Enterprise Package it costs an extra £10 per month or a single reduced annual subscription payment of £100 per site.

As a small business owner, a facilities manager or a data controller demonstrating that you are taking the responsibility of having a CCTV system seriously is vital so why not sign up for your free trial today or contact us to find out more.