CCTV Logbook: A vital tool for complete system management

When you install a modern CCTV system you are acquiring a new addition to your IT system. Keeping track of all the new assets and their documents can be tricky but CCTV Logbook can help by storing them in one place in your portal.

CCTV Logbook will hold the details of your cameras as well as the PoE switch, switch port connections, and other assets, such as UPS devices. CCTV Logbook also provides a record of work completed such as any maintenance or repairs carried out.

To enable you to hold a complete picture of your CCTV system the online portal gives you the facility to upload documents. The documents stored could be installation or user manuals, invoices or information relating to your site and the location of your cameras.

Our recent training sessions for users of CCTV Logbook demonstrated to them just how useful this document storage could be. One user has said he would be storing maps and property plans showing the perimeter of the property and any rights of way that might cross the site. 

The advantage for this user as he commented is that everything related to your CCTV will be in one place. This allows you to trouble-shoot more easily, communicate confidently with those that need to carry out maintenance and ensure that if there are questions about privacy issues, because of the location of cameras, you can answer them. 

The quality of the information held by CCTV Logbook means it is worthwhile for large organisations to have multiple users that can have access to the portal. These users will not have to chase others, for example security personnel, for answers but instead can access the system to understand the information for themselves. The information stored could be vital for data controllers, IT managers, business owners as well as those managing the property.

The basic package we offer allows for two users to sign up, the standard package allows for up to five users while our enterprise package gives you the chance to have unlimited users. All these packages are available initially as a 30 days free trial. 

If you want to know more about this exciting CCTV management and compliance tool sign up for a free trial now at or you can contact usfor a demonstration of the system.