Are you on the front line of security? Ensure your CCTV is always reliable

If you’re on the front line of your company’s security then you need a CCTV system that works all day every day. If something does go wrong you need to be able to trouble-shoot quickly and efficiently.

That means having all the information on your system in one place and being able to assess the system yourself and assessing if you need to call out somebody to fix the problem. If you do, the problem will get sorted more easily and with less hassle if you can answer the questions that will be asked by the CCTV company that you employ.

Information at your fingertips for those on the front line

CCTV Logbook will give you all of the information relating to your CCTV system at your fingertips allowing you to trouble-shoot easily. It means you will have the locations of all your cameras, manufacturer and model details as well as the specification of the cameras. It will also show when the cameras were last reviewed or maintenance work was carried out as well as which switch port they are connected to.

With this information if there is a problem you will be able to log in to your system and assess the issues with all the facts you need. If CCTV maintenance engineers come to your site you will be able to work with them efficiently and easily.

Information is easy to share

The information on the system is also easy to share securely with others so if the business owner or manager is asking you questions about the CCTV system you can provide them with the answers quickly. Additionally, it should make it easier to train your front line security staff on how the CCTV system works.

If you take out the additional compliance package it will also mean all staff will be able to easily answer questions, or you can confidently communicate the information to them, for example on the purpose of the CCTV system, as well as how you fulfil GDPR requirements and protect and privacy.

If this online tool sounds just what you need, sign up for your free trial of CCTV Logbook now.