Are you managing your CCTV system properly?

As a small or medium-business sized business owner with premises on an industrial park or high street site you are likely to have had CCTV fitted to provide security and to safeguard staff. If your workforce is small maintaining the CCTV system may not be your priority โ€“ your primary business is. But just like your heating or air conditioning units or your IT network it needs maintaining. As IP CCTV is now part of your IT infrastructure having up-to-date information about the network and cabling is important.

If you have an incident around your property you will want clear images โ€“ the CCTV system, and the knowledge to operate it properly, will then be of the highest priority.

Your CCTV system information at your finger tips

CCTV Logbook gives you a tool for you to have all the information about your CCTV system at your fingertips. There is an easy-to use-interface allowing you to log the camera information initially and update it overtime.

If you have existing cameras it provides an easy process to add those cameras in and ensures you are aware of the other devices and IT infrastructure that they are attached to and so supports the smooth running of the CCTV system. These include a server, sensors, switches and UPS.

It means that staff that may be responsible for the day-to-day administration of your business and be called upon to deal with camera installers or maintenance staff can easily access the information they need to ensure that work is completed efficiently.

Features include information about the camera and appliance manuals; maintenance check review dates to ensure that image quality will not be compromised by dirty cameras and records of previous work carried out and by whom will be on the work log for each camera.

Supporting GDPR Compliance

As a small or medium-business sized business owner you will also be responsible for ensuring your CCTV meets the correct compliance standards and GDPR. The extra CCTV System Compliance feature of CCTV logbook takes you through a series of steps to help you become compliant in respect of data protection and privacy in relation to CCTV.

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